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Let's see, charts, that's where stuff that is popular is designated popular, and you observe this and get all excited or all depressed because... (some reason or other)...

Dr. Dre )

Chris Brown )

Rihanna )
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 photo Keha mouth open.jpg

Presumably if somehow Ke$ha and I are talking at a party, she realizes that I don't come without chitchat, so the admonition "Don't be a little bitch with your chitchat" isn't in play. Or if it's in play, it's in play as an energy force, without regard to the particular meanings of the particular words. She's got a gale force to match my own gale, and her wind seems ultimately benign, even if I'm not her type. And yeah, some people'll die brushing their teeth with jack – Ke$ha maybe being the gateway that lets them latch onto the dissolution-as-heroism thing in order to rationalize their own turning of the lights out. And other people will be saved, her body and tattered demeanor and raggy voice validating their own bodies and ragged looks and blistered throats. It's not necessary or possible to count up the bodies and see if it "evens out" – they're all part of a gestalt, air currents and countercurrents. And if you want a different party, you better make your party a better party.

I don't think you get her full-force without Benny Blanco. I imagine him in conversation with Luke and the others, or just leading by example, showing that you don't get force from volume, you get it from propulsion. Benny, the man who saved Luke. Superball beats, a coiled spring let loose that carries all the other sounds with it, in Ke$ha's case unexpected prettiness; bright tunes in a tumultuous night.

1. Ke$ha ft. 3OH!3 "Blah Blah Blah"
2. Selena Gomez & the Scene "Naturally"
3. Roach Gigz "Pop Off"
4. Jenni Vartiainen "En Haluu Kuolla Tänä Yönä"
5. Lil Wayne ft. Eminem "Drop The World"
6. DJ Sbu "Vuvuzela Bafana"
7. Little Big Town "Little White Church"
8. Girl Unit "Wut"
9. After School "Bang!"
10. I Blåme Coco ft. Robyn "Caesar"
11 through 45 )
46. Marina And The Diamonds "Hollywood"
47. 2NE1 "Can't Nobody"
48. Rocket From The Tombs "I Sell Soul"
49. Marina And The Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot"
50. Martina McBride "Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong"
51. Sidney Samson "Riverside"
52. DJ DOC "Together (Remix)"
53. Jessie J. "Do It Like A Dude"
54. Sade "Soldier Of Love"
55. Ga-In "Irreversible"
56 through 95 )

Comin' out my mouth wi my blah blah blah )

Glistening black and bits of white )

I got the bang bang, if you know what I mean )

I'm in love with this song )

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I suppose that Drake is now helping to sell Wayne rather than vice versa.

Lil Wayne )

Nelly )

Adam Lambert )
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Week of weirdly detached new tracks - weird detachment from your reviewer, at least. Taio Cruz gets to be hot top pop mess of the week, I guess.

Drake )

Taio Cruz )

T.I. )

Nickelback )
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Rihanna finally returns to #1, her old accustomed spot two years ago, "Need You Now" having to settle for #2 again. As for new music, I'm kind of... um... well... yes, um. This is about as "um" a week as there's ever been.

Ludacris )

Lady Antebellum )

Drake )

Kevin Rudolf )

Blake Shelton )
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Singles chart in a deep freeze, one new entry: does Wayne warm us up? Look under the cut...

Lil Wayne )
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The charts head into the retail season and still feel like nothing.

John Mayer )

Chris Brown )

Keith Urban )

Ester Dean )

Chamillionaire )
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When he slouches his way onstage, it really does become his world.
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American Idol is good to Carrie, Randy, and Brad, while Wayne unwinds and Flo Rida goes searching for game.

Carrie Underwood )

Flo Rida )

Ciara )

Lil Wayne )

Brad Paisley )
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The Taylor Swift album finally falls from number one to number two. The Bird And The Bee enter at 78. Meanwhile, on the singles chart, something happens, somewhere, probably. Possibly.

Lil Wayne )

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em )

Katy Perry )

Jamie Foxx )
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New song barrels its way to the top of the sucking fucking charts, while country boys still can't get in on the guest list.

Kelly Clarkson )

Lady GaGa )

Keri Hilson f. Lil Wayne )

U2 )
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Good girl gone better with every listen.

The Fray )

Jim Jones )

Rihanna )

Ludacris )

Kanye West )
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Was going to do this October 1st, then November 1st, now here it is.

1. Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse
2. Ashlee Simpson Bittersweet World
3. María Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser Juventud En Éxtasis
4. Vanessa Hudgens Identified
5. Buraka Som Sistema Black Diamond
6. Willie Nelson Moment Of Forever
7. Ne-Yo Year Of The Gentleman
8. Santogold Santogold
9. Cansei De Ser Sexy Donkey
10. Marit Larsen The Chase
11 through 18 )

Housefire of the Danitys )
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Britney jumps to number one, Carrie and Abel make the long trek to the Top 40, and Akon and Weezy finally have a week where no one invites them in as guests, so they invite each other.

Britney Spears )

Saving Abel )

Carrie Underwood )

Akon )
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The Top Five is all T.I. and M.I.A., in a glorious feat of initials. Well, not quite: Pink is 1 and Rihanna is 3. But T.I. is 2, M.I.A. is 4, and there they are together holding hands and smashing feats at number 5. And five new tunes tick for the full circuit, Jazmine finally pushing through to the Top 40 from her base in the urban leagues.

T.I. & Jay-Z )

Taylor Swift )

Fall Out Boy )

Kevin Rudolf )

Jazmine Sullivan )
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T.I. still number one, and [livejournal.com profile] girlboymusic will be vindicated to read that the song still hasn't registered in my memory despite my writing it up last week*; M.I.A. still at number five, still hasn't lost her bullet or her bang bang bang bang; only two new tracks in the Top 40; and Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan still under the border, not able to break in, which will drive Lex nuts in frustration.

Artists Stand Up To Cancer )

Lil Wayne f. Bobby Valentino )

*Two weeks ago, actually. How time flies when nothing's happening.
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Decided to start aping the [livejournal.com profile] poptimists' Year In Pop thing by bringing it to America, to keep myself aware, maybe to stimulate my imagination. This is something that [livejournal.com profile] skillextric'd probably do much better, so if he and you would care to jump in and comment, that would make me happy.

The way it works is anything new to the Billboard Top 40, I write up and rate. TICK equals good, NONTICK equals not so good.

Lil Wayne f. T-Pain )

The-Dream )

Sex is boring (Kardinal Offishall) )

[The date is yesterday's 'cause Billboard posts its chart on Thursdays.]


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