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The Pazz & Jop Poll added two more names to The Frank Kogan Affinity List, 2007 (everyone who had three or more items on his Idolator or Pazz & Jop ballot that were also on mine; the Taylor Swift and the Lily Allen albums were on my ballot last year):

--Anthony Easton (Britney Spears Blackout, Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift)
--Sean Daly (Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Lily Allen Alright, Still..., Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad)

[livejournal.com profile] anthonyeaston we know. Sean Daly is new to me; writes for the St. Petersburg Times, in Florida.
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Here's the Frank Kogan Affinity List for 2007 (i.e., a list of everyone who had three or more items on his Idolator ballot that were also on mine; the Taylor Swift alb was on my ballot last year). Ascending order:

--Jon Caramanica (Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, Lloyd f. Lil Wayne "You")
--Josh Love (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Veronicas Hook Me Up, Linda Sundblad "Lose You")
--Bill Lamb (Kelly Clarkson My December, Britney Spears Blackout, Britney Spears [Artist])

four )

five )

ten )

EDIT: Also Anthony Easton and Sean Daly from Pazz & Jop )
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My Top 20 Country Singles for 2007 )

EDIT: I've posted MySpace links for most of these (correcting about 10 of my posting errors; apologies if you tried links that went nowhere), linked the vids for the ones that either weren't on the MySpace page or were only there in abbreviated versions. Linked both for "Nothin' Better To Do" because I especially like the vid.

Will possibly post commentary in the comments as the day goes on.

BIRD REPORT: You should know that one of these singers flips a bird ("The One In The Middle," duh) and one of them gets the bird flipped on her ("That Kind Of Day"). Add Craig Morgan's "International Harvester," and that's three bird flips I've heard in one day.
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Here's my Idolator ballot. My comments are basically Thursday's post on Britney-Stooges-Aly'n'AJ-NYDolls with a few words changed and some new pretentious ones at the end.

I get my name correct (and rate a few albums)! )

Top 10 Singles/Tracks of 2007
1. Lloyd f. Lil Wayne "You"
2. Miley Cyrus "See You Again"
3. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons "Beggin' (Palooski Edit)"
4. Ashley Tisdale "Not Like That"
5. JoJo "Anything"
6. Britney Spears "Gimme More"
7. Yung Berg f. Junior "Sexy Lady"
8. Paula DeAnda f. Lil Wayne "Easy"
9. Linda Sundblad "Lose You"
10. Keak Da Sneak "That Go"

Reissues, Artists, and Stuff )

power, wantonness, viscera )
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Eliminating the Tisdale from my album ballot didn't get her out of my head, since (for example) I'd be listening to M.I.A.'s Kala and saying "Yes, this is nice, but Ashley Tisdale has three tracks on her album that are better than any track on your album." So Ashley Tisdale haunts the balloting process.

With fifty minutes to go before lists and comments are due at Idolator, this is where I am with my album list:

Noes, Yesses, and Maybes )
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Late night calm before next day's poll storm? )

Tritt, Rimes, Veronicas, Ashley T., Rihanna )

Rihanna's got a track where, just like on a couple of the Tisdale's, she's saying there's a difference between the entertainer and the person. But she pulls it off, telling us that sometimes she sucks as a human being, and making it sound like she really does think she sometimes sucks. She's three years younger than Tisdale and three years younger than the Veronicas, and she sounds about five years older, and five years deeper.

"Breaking Dishes" is the best-known of the roughneck numbers, but the one that's been grabbing me is "Lemme Get That," a deliberately stumbling shuffle, thick Caribbean harmonies, the accompaniment pushing up with ugly half steps, while some of Rihanna's phrasing is this half-detached, half-emphatic rhythmic style that could come right out of "Maybelline" or "Too Much Monkey Business." But it's not signifying rock 'n' roll at all. I'm not sure what genre this song is signifying, actually. I like that.

Another Ashley )
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Right. I finally capitulated. Blackout is the album of the year. Blackout vs. Insomniatic is like Raw Power vs. New York Dolls once was, and what my decision finally came down to then and now was force (power, wantonness, viscera seizing you by the throat, insinuatingly nervy sexiness) vs. love (passion, vulnerability, warmth, sympathy, desperation, smarts, idealism), and I had to admit that it was the Stooges (force) more than the Dolls (love) that I incessantly craved in my musical synapses. The Dolls had more good songs than the Stooges, fewer dead spots, smarter lyrics, more open available humanness (and humaneness), more tunes, more beauty, just as the Aly & A.J. album has more good songs than the Britney, and fewer bad ones (in fact, no bad ones, though I do get annoyed by "Division").

It helps that Britney's voice is older than Aly's or A.J.'s )
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"Now here I stand, and I'm still just that girl, I'm following my heart, in this amazing, crazy world." Ack! And this is the second song in which she follows her heart; the first time she had an excuse; it was someone else who wrote the words. There's no way this album makes my ten-best list. Just no way. Even its having three of the best singles of the year doesn't make up for all the little-girl voicings and the rote soul-searching of the rest (oh, I know, the lyrics are heartfelt, and she means them). I can and have voted albums with awful songs on 'em - I'm made of strong stuff, I've done it, you can look it up - but I need five or six amazing songs, not just one amazing song and two really good ones and most of the rest being more-or-less OK to dull. (So is Tisdale an example of what's right with pop - that this only somewhat-talented girl and these somewhat-more-talented songwriters and producers can create amazingness - or what's wrong with pop, that we can't get her to do better or can't come up with better people to do it?)

I actually like Tisdale's energy, Naked Brothers sweetness )

Hives enthusiastic, Little Big Town theologically muddled )
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I is an idiot! Until Wikipedia told me so, I had no idea that Girls Aloud's "Sexy! No No No" sampled the riff from Nazareth's "Hair Of The Dog," despite my having heard both those songs plenty of times. And even then I was having trouble finding the riff, was telling myself, "Well, I guess they must have used some riff other than the main one, or maybe they truncated it or something." But no, it's all there, I finally was able to pick it out from its surroundings (I'd been afraid I'd developed the aural equivalent of red-green color blindness, though this was Sexy Hair Dog Differentiation Deficit); maybe there's something about the Girls' vocals that rejiggers the tonal centers so they're different from Nazareth's. I don't know.

If you've never heard the "Hair Of A Dog" riff, it's sort of like "Day Tripper" performed by a rhinoceros.

So the album search continues. Today being the deadline after which I allow myself no more album acquisitions until after the Idolator/P&J deadline on Friday, this is what I'm left with:

Albums in my possession that I have not heard )

LeAnn Rimes' cotton dress on rusted wire )

Girls Aloud, Pastor Troy, Chamillionaire )

Skye Sweetnam and Fall Out Boy )
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Mims and the Hood Internet )

Ike Reilly and Gary Allan )
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More of the album trawl:

Celine gets mysterious, imperious )

M.I.A. piracy essential to fun )

New Nuge )

Damn Avril thing )
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As poll preparation I'm stuffing albums into my craw; part one of a million:

Bettye LaVette and Paula Cole )

Vanessa Carlton and Tori Amos )

Arctic Monkeys )
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Here are my Top 50 singles as of November 29:

1. Lloyd f. Lil Wayne "You"
2. Ashley Tisdale "Not Like That"
3. JoJo "Anything"
4. Miley Cyrus "See You Again"
5. Britney Spears "Gimme More"
6. Yung Berg f. Junior "Sexy Lady"
7. Linda Sundblad "Lose You"
8. Paula DeAnda f. Lil Wayne "Easy"
9. Keak Da Sneak "That Go"
10. Gwen Stefani "Early Winter"
11 through 50 )

Why aren't male vocalists any good anymore? )
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Here are my top 12 albums as of November 7.

1. Aly & A.J. Insomniatic
2. Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
3. Britney Spears Blackout
4. A-Trak Dirty South Dance
5. Kelly Clarkson My December
6. The Veronicas Hook Me Up
7. Ashley Monroe Satisfied
8. Ashley Tisdale Headstrong
9. Gogol Bordello Super Taranta!
10. Jordan Pruitt No Ordinary Girl
11. Travis Tritt The Storm
12. Gretchen Wilson One Of The Boys

Other contenders would be:

A.R.E. Weapons Modern Mayhem
John Anderson Easy Money
Blake Shelton Pure BS
The Sirens More Is More

musings, elaboration, obfuscation )

Not many guys on the list. Must be the much-ballyhooed crisis of masculinity.
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Top 35 Singles (first half 2007)

By this time last year I already had what were to be my top three, while probably the only one on this list that would have made my last year's top ten is the Lloyd (which some of you might point out should have made my last year's top ten). But I'm happy anyway, given that when I get down to 31 ("Into Action") I've still got a song I like a lot. And I haven't really delved much into country and hip-hop, which always produce a few uncharted wonders. I may be underrating "Hey Hey Hey" and "Can You Werk Wit Dat," which I haven't listened to that much. And yes, I'm ranking "Hey Hey Hey" higher than "Umbuberella."

Singles )

Albums )


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