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I got a Dreamwidth account back in 2009 during a previous LiveJournal hullabaloo but never got around to doing anything with it. Now I've finally "migrated" or "archived" or "backed-up"* all my lj posts onto Dreamwidth and set Dreamwidth so that all my Dreamwidth posts will automatically cross-post onto LiveJournal as well. All my old LiveJournal posts are still on LiveJournal too. So I'll be actually writing my posts on Dreamwidth, but I assume commenting and conversational back-and-forth and action will still almost all be on lj. And I'll cross-post your lj comments for you onto my Dreamwidth, unless you object or do doubleposting yourself.

My LiveJournal:

My Dreamwidth:

The only major glitch in the copying is that in my posts my video embeds were lost, which means that, whenever I want to find a compulsive activity that enables me to avoid being in the social world, I'll go back and spend time adding videos back to the old posts on Dreamwidth. Also, as far as I can tell, Dreamwidth doesn't have the capacity to let us embed videos in comments at all, which is a drag; so not only are all your and my video embeds lost from comments, they can't be reinserted either. Oh, and Dreamwidth sidebars will have fewer links and I don't think there's a way to stick Taylor Swift's "Lose Yourself" there either.

Under the cut I describe what impelled the change.

On Dec. 26th, the eve before taking a plane to visit relatives in Virginia, I made an lj post 'cause I hadn't in a month and didn't want to leave my lj lying fallow. The post was just a tossed-off witticism, but before hitting submit I read and reread it because it's often when I toss things off that I end up writing things that make people want to hurt me. Anyway, I decided I was clear at least among anyone left here likely to pay attention, so I posted.

Then in the middle of the night I drifted awake and over to my lj and discovered that the post was no longer there. Then when I logged in I discovered there was the post right where I'd left it. Then I logged out and this time emptied the cache to make sure I hadn't previously just been looking at what my computer had saved earlier, but the post was gone again, at least for my logged-out self. Then I logged in again and it was back. Then I logged out and checked the links I'd put on my Twitter and Tumblr feeds, and these links took me to the post, even logged-out as I was. So the post was there for some people some of the time! But...

Of course, while I was doing all this, my mind wandered over to the idea that perhaps not just potential readers but some lj algorithm might find interest in the post, lj being headquartered in an autocratic country with a president and a state security apparatus (and extra-state organizations working on their behalf) that want and are frequently able to suppress criticism. (The "frequently able" is not true of the U.S., yet, though we in the U.S. may have to fight hard to keep this so.) And I wondered if this hypothetical algorithm, as it tried to thread the needle created by the political situation in said country, might have been alerted to and uneasy about a couple of words I'd used in succession: words that I may well have previously used separately in my time on lj but never one right after the other, the first being (to draw on the talents of our friends in Naughty By Nature) another way to call a cat a kitten, and the next "a wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people" (American Heritage Dictionary) or (Merriam Webster) "public violence, tumult, or disorder." And so lj might have been hanging fire before letting the post through, deciding whether it would get the corporation in trouble.

These probably were just run-of-the-mill technical glitches, but paranoia strikes deep.

I download pretty much every post or online comment I make anywhere, but if my lj were to be deleted I doubt I'd ever find the months of time to rebuild it on another site. So getting Dreamwidth to make a copy in minutes and host it seems like an incredibly good deal, especially since Dreamwidth does it for free. (Probably worth supporting Dreamwidth with a paid account, though other good causes may take precedence, unfortunately.)

*None of those words is really accurate: I didn't "migrate" so much as simply got Dreamwidth to copy all my old posts onto Dreamwidth. But as I say up in the text, the LiveJournal posts stay on LiveJournal too.

Date: 2017-02-02 09:37 pm (UTC)
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Dreamwidth is owned and run by someone I know personally and is entirely paid for by its user base, no ads no investor funding, so is only beholden to its user base and US law.

By the way, I don't believe what you experienced was a technical glitch, nor are you paranoid. That is simply run of the mill reality of using social media in China, and now that LJ's servers are in Russia I would expect the same.


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