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Cross-posting from Tumblr, where cureforbedbugs wrote:

Were you mildly disappointed in the new M.I.A. album even though you kind of liked it, and decided to listen to M.I.A. knock-offs instead and were then disappointed in them, too?

Try THIRD generation M.I.A. knock-off Tkay Maidza, who out-clonestamped Santigold this year, and ALSO gave us a second gen Sant-O-gold and also gives a few hints of, like, is that Kid Sister? – or something. Basically, this album takes all the shit I’ve been kind of rooting for but not feeling for the last five years and just gives me a 100% decent all the way through album of it. Don’t expect anything less than totally derivative, and if that bothers you then, well, I hope you enjoy all of that super original horseshit you’ve got clogging up your year-end lists. 2016 is a nightmare; give me comfort food.
My reply: Haven't made it to the albums, but on this year's singles Tkay Maidza seems to be getting the singsong M.I.A. but not the jumprope or the tunnel-under-the-earth-and-claw-your-face-off M.I.A. Meanwhile, M.I.A. on her own singles (esp. various "Bird Song"s) is sing-songing and face-clawing and excavating like always. And on another meanwhile Tkay Maidza is shining as a sharp-toothed dance diva for Martin Solveig and Motez. And on a couple more meanwhiles, Tymee is still playing it too real and tough but she's truly grabbed me for the first time since she was E.via. And Die Antwoord are an art project disguised as a rodent infestation, but they're outdoing all the aforementioned.

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Infants' Giant Leg* is due August 27, 2012, according to Tigertrap records. About half the album is from a couple of old EPs of theirs I reviewed favorably for Paper Thin Walls five years ago. Since the PTW archives no longer exist, I'm pasting in the reviews:

Infants - "DTL Infants Remix"
from Friend Paste 7-inch and CDS (Tigertrap)
Danced-Up Chants 'N' Spittle // Out Now

Clangorous fun from band of multinationals. "Information": Foghorns let loose with lovefarts, and a couple of subway cars rumble invitingly in each other's direction. Brakes break, chanters chant, a crazed passenger starts yammering at us in Japanese. Then foghorns lay down the beat and chanters resume chanting. Process repeats. "Firetruk": Same formula as "Information"; i.e., dark thuddy rumbles bounce off of counterrumbles and slide across the floor; chants are added as condiments ("Let's go Firetruk!"). Witty, but a certain amount of work is necessary for one to get into the rhythm. The fun is made complex by the band's tendency to drop refrigerators on one's toes. "DTL Infants Remix": This, our streamed track, not on the disc but available as an mp3, is the Infants' remix of Drop The Lime's "Wake Up Call." Howlers toss howls off of each other; hippopotamuses blow soap bubbles that turn into rubbery jungle breakbeats. Dueling locomotives. Shower scene where women pretend they're being slashed to death. Then blips go blip and someone fakes an orgasm. "Firetruk Drop The Lime Remix": The chants return — "Let's go Firetruk!" — augmented by tight funky guitar licks and rumbling, twisting bass. Vocalist resorts to old-Iggy-style throat retching from Stooges Funhouse freakout days. Those days are gone, so bands like this would be more powerful if they weren't hiding behind weirdness; but hoping for that to change is like wishing the world were different. FRANK KOGAN

Infants Foam Party )

*Streamed here:

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The Top Five is all T.I. and M.I.A., in a glorious feat of initials. Well, not quite: Pink is 1 and Rihanna is 3. But T.I. is 2, M.I.A. is 4, and there they are together holding hands and smashing feats at number 5. And five new tunes tick for the full circuit, Jazmine finally pushing through to the Top 40 from her base in the urban leagues.

T.I. & Jay-Z )

Taylor Swift )

Fall Out Boy )

Kevin Rudolf )

Jazmine Sullivan )
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Rihanna's "Disturbia" finally knocks Katy Perry off the top spot, M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" jumps into the top five, both "Disturbia" and "Paper Planes" charting on the basis of huge downloads - "Disturbia" gets relatively few airplay points, as radio is still high on Rihanna's previous track, "Take A Bow"; probably pulls extra download numbers, however, since there are over a million people who bought the alb before "Disturbia" became a bonus track, and I can't imagine a lot of them are going to shell out for the alb all over again. "Paper Planes" has a small amount of airplay on the Top 40 and alternative rock stations, and almost nothing anywhere else - except of course on the TV commercials for Pineapple Express. All of which is more interesting than this week's new crop.

Jonas Brothers )

The Game )

Leona Lewis )

As a bonus for Year In America's intrepid readers, here's the trailer for Pineapple Express:
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Summertime, and the mood is uneasy, which works well among the newbies, I think. Grating catchy Katy stays at number one, "Disturbia" jumps from 15 to 4, "American Boy" from 26 to 16, all propelled more by downloads than airplay.

Big new entry is Shwayze, whose reality show debuted on MTV a couple of weeks ago. And another strong leaper is... well, see below. I was NOT EXPECTING THIS. It's rising on the shoulders of this movie trailer, pulling in the downloads, and I can't find out how much or where, if at all, the song might also be garnering airplay, Mediabase for the moment having reverted to subscriber-only.

Shwayze )

M.I.A. )

Flobots )

Kid Rock )


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