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Miley's "Party In The USA" jumps back into the top ten and Justin Bieber's "One Time" jumps back into the Top 40, possibly for some current-events reasons I'm not up on. And while [livejournal.com profile] poptimists ignored the UK charts this week (which was all re-entries anyway), Another Year In America keeps on shovelin'.

Orianthi )

Selena Gomez & The Scene )
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Ke$ha's sober and subtle "TiK ToK" has risen to number one (sober and subtle compared to everything else I've heard by her, that is; I'm impressed by Ke$ha's total commitment to cheesiness and stupidity, though nothing other than "TiK ToK" gets the cheese 'n' honey burbling together for an entire song).

Alicia Keys )

Eminem )

Train )
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A couple of not quites and a just barely:

Ludacris )

Timbaland )

Kris Allen )
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America returns from vacation, anticipating the next vacation, and here we do three weeks as one, featuring Taylor Swift.

John Mayer f. Taylor Swift )

Boys Like Girls f. Taylor Swift )

Leona Lewis )

Rihanna )

Shakira )

Lady GaGa )

Young Money )

New Boyz )

Snoop Dogg )

Trey Songz )
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This week's Top 40 newbies feature Taylor Swift twice, once on John Mayer's "Half Of My Heart" ("Haven't heard it," said Tom half-heartedly)(nor did Frank) and once on Boys Like Girls' "Two Is Better Than One" (I've heard it once and pronounced it whiny emo-pop, far inferior to Taylor's brilliant, whiny princess pop, but will require myself to give it a second chance). Only other newcomer is Leona Lewis's "Happy," which didn't make me happy a couple weeks ago over on [livejournal.com profile] poptimists but it too will get another shot, when the next Billboard comes out and I'm on a computer where I can hear music.

In other chart news, Glee Cast do several things that don't hit the Top 40, Chris Brown's "Crawl" doesn't crawl up the charts (and won't crawl anywhere near my eardrums in the near future if I can help it*), and Sounds Of The Season: A Taylor Swift Holiday Collection from 2008 re-enters the album chart at #20.

*Asterisk aghast )
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"Russian Roulette" entered the chart two weeks ago at 100, rose last week to an unpromising 75, then this week on the heels of a publicity blitz that included Rihanna's 20/20 interview it jumps to 9. We'll see if it sticks; it doesn't match anything else on the chart, in subject matter or severity. My guess is it holds on for a bit, maybe falling a little then hanging around as people get used to it.

Rihanna )

Justin Bieber )

Jay Sean )

Jesse McCartney )

Taylor Swift )

Luke Bryan )

Birdman )
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Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor. Fearless re-released in a Platinum Edition with six bonus tracks, the least good one ("Jump Then Fall") being the single, but all six chart.

Lady GaGa )

Taylor Swift )

Taylor Swift )

Taylor Swift )

Taylor Swift )

Taylor Swift )

50 Cent )

Taylor Swift )

Justin Bieber )

I fell in love with you before the second show )

Washing the eyes of the men who have died )
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"Fireflies" at number one. Ack. Or shrug. Top three tracks ("Fireflies," "Whatcha Say," "Down") are mediocre sugar goo, number four ("Party In The USA") at least tries something and is in your face with the rawness of Miley, though it took a bootleg Miley-Biggie mashup to make this sound really good, and number five ("Run This Town") is dull for the luminaries involved, but fortunately Rihanna puts on the dark sorrow voice she uses so well. "Paparazzi" at six is a definite grabber that genuinely engages with Sounds And What They Do, even if GaGa never seems to quite know what she's on about. (To be fair, the boring sugar pop at one-two-three also engages Sound; problem is that it settles for one good element and has nothing worth adding from there.) Number seven ("Meet Me Halfway") has its own engagement with Sound, though not engaging me as much as the last couple of BEP hits did. Number eight ("3") is more sugar slime but this one successfully gets under my skin, number nine ("I Gotta Feeling") is ol' Sound-engaging BEP hangin' around, and on number ten ("Sweet Dreams") an awesome pro wrestles with Sound and self, even if she's still something of a cipher.

So while the top of the ten is pop and r&b sweetening itself to death, there is creativity jiggling just underneath. July through October has been the worst Top 40 of the decade, but not altogether dire.

Ke$ha )

Usher )

Glee Cast )

Gucci Mane )
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The charts head into the retail season and still feel like nothing.

John Mayer )

Chris Brown )

Keith Urban )

Ester Dean )

Chamillionaire )
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Let's take a look over at Britain, for a second. Says our pal Wikipedia, "Chipmunk also makes a reference to The Saturdays in ['Oopsy Daisy'] with the line 'And now I feel like The Saturdays are all week, cos me and my heart got crazy issues'. The song reached number one on the UK Singles Chart on 11 October 2009, coincidentally beating The Saturdays who charted at #2 with 'Forever Is Over'." Yeah, and it's a strange day when Chipmunk sounds like yesterday's mush in comparison to The Saturdays, but that's how it is overseas. Here, we've got a new number one ourselves, "Down" going down a spot, the second time in two weeks that a new artist takes over, after half a year of otherwise. And it's a long-time charmer/recent delinquent who does it for us. But does she do it for us? Check under the cut to see.

Britney Spears )

Justin Bieber )

Glee Cast )

Glee Cast )

Lower reaches watch )
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Peas finally fall, replaced by pleasant nonentity Jay Sean, who's good news for ethnic diversity, even if his song isn't much more than passably tuneful. (In fact, I have to ride the chart down to 6 ["Paparrazi"] and 7 ["You Belong With Me"] before starting to feel enthusiasm.)

Iyaz )

Glee Cast )

Black Eyed Peas )

David Guetta )

Chris Young )
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Black Eyed Peas celebrate half a year at number one, while two country acts and an oddball one-man band join the top 40.

Carrie Underwood )

Owl City )

Lady Antebellum )
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Remember the Steve Forbert Game (and here)? Well, we have a winner! Let me introduce Drake, the Steve Forbert of nice-guy hip-hop superstars. I really have no idea why this guy became famous, but I can see how if this style is really your thing, Drake could be your guy - all the other guys being taken.

(He's got three tracks suddenly charting because the So Far Gone mixtape has been officially rereleased with samples cleared, hence old Drake songs are suddenly new again.)

Jay-Z )

Drake )

Drake )

Muse )

Drake )
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Familiar faces as the summer stumbles to a close.

Lady GaGa )

Kelly Clarkson )

Cascada )
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Busy day so I'm pasting in what I wrote elsewhere about the Keith and the Sasha. Strange that so far I own nothing of Beyoncé solo, even though I think she's showing a lot more cracks and accessibility than when she was the cold confident kid in Destiny's Child. You guys got any thoughts about her career post DC? I'm thinking that she's actually starting to get underrated.

Toby Keith )

Beyoncé )

Breaking Benjamin )
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Sort of a hazy stumblebum of a week in new songs; indistinct and pleasant, the only standout being a kid up in Canada.

Michael Franti & Spearhead )

Flo Rida f. Ne-Yo )

Justin Bieber )

The Fray )

Zac Brown Band )
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New week, little change, and I apparently missed that Disney's green charity track first entered the 40 last week, so really there's only one newbie.

Disney's Friends For Change )

Jason DeRulo )
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Miley and Jay-Z storm the charts but can't beat the Peas.

Miley Cyrus )

Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West )

Jessie James )
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BEP hang on to first, Taylor rides her bullet, and Boys Like Girls provoke an attack of aesthetic conscience in me, but I fend it off.

Dorrough )

Boys Like Girls )

Fabolous )

Maxwell )
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The Top 40 has only one newbie; meanwhile, Fabolous of all people jumps the album chart.

T.I. )


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